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Whether it’s finally time to get your wisdom teeth taken out, or you have a tooth that has decayed beyond repair, tooth extractions can be a frightening experience. With a focus on creating a friendly, comfortable environment, Rasmi Akel, DDS from Big Smile Dentistry in Lake Worth and Greenacres, Florida, uses expert techniques to make the process as gentle as possible.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

When is tooth extraction necessary?

Your tooth may need to be removed for several reasons. If your tooth has become infected with periodontal gum disease, for example, the infection may cause the tooth to loosen, making it necessary to pull the tooth.

In some cases, Dr. Akel can save the tooth via root canal therapy, but he has to remove it if the infection has progressed to a high level of decay.

When your mouth is crowded, either because teeth are misaligned or your wisdom teeth are taking up too much room, tooth extraction is often necessary. A crowded mouth can often cause intense pain and make your teeth difficult to clean. It’s common for these teeth to be pulled.

How does tooth extraction work?

Dr. Akel starts by examining your teeth and deciding if extraction is necessary. If you need multiple teeth removed, the tooth is impacted, or you are susceptible to pain, he may use general anesthetics, causing you to sleep through the procedure.

When teeth are impacted, Dr. Akel cuts away at the gum, grasping the tooth to loosen it from the jaw. In some cases, he removes the tooth in pieces.

It’s not uncommon for a blood clot to form in the socket after the tooth is extracted. Dr. Akel uses gauze to fill the socket and to stop any bleeding. If the blood clot erupts, he may put a sedative in the socket to prevent pain until a new clot can form.

After the procedure, it’s common to experience some pain. This usually subsides over the course of a few days.

What should I tell my dentist before I have a tooth pulled?

Having Dr. Akel extract your tooth is a safe procedure. However, extractions -- no matter who's doing them -- open up the door to bacteria, putting you at a greater risk of infection. If your immune system is impaired, you may need antibiotics to prevent an infection.

Let Dr. Akel know if you have:

  • A damaged heart valve
  • Congenital heart defect
  • Live disease
  • Artificial joints
  • Endocarditis

If you want your tooth extracted from a gentle dentist in a comfortable environment, contact Dr. Akel today.